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Customer Experience - Customer Analytics

Discover and anticipate what your customers need and deliver excellent customer service.

Knowing your customer’s habits, challenges, interests and history are fundamental to providing a tailored and individual customer engagement.

Excellent customer service requires a culture of continuous improvement – across processes, systems and people. Customer analytics is more specific than business intelligence. It provides key information to your staff at the right time to facilitate good decisions that improve the customer’s experience.

Your team need different types of analytics based on their role – for example Managers need team-based information with ability to delve into detail. Staff on the other hand, need individual performance information, analytics pertaining to their individual customers and sometimes access to demographics pertaining to a customer base.

Business intelligence needs to be embedded within your customer management processes, spanning all channels and divisions. NEC can help you determine the right level of information needed to ensure your customer service staff and management can make good decisions, without being inundated by superfluous data.

NEC’s broad range of IT solutions allow for embedding analytics within your Customer Experience platform. For situations where the data analytics you require is broader than Customer Experience we have a dedicated Business Intelligence team.

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