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Custom Software Development - Solutions

Business to Business (B2B) software

A B2B solution will promote closer relationships with your business partners by providing them with an efficient solution for collaboration. Typical B2B solutions are company web sites or data integration solutions that allow organisations to work together in an efficient and controlled environment.

A B2B solution is implemented with the aim of improving inter-business cooperation and communication. We know that the detailed requirements of your B2B solution are very specific to your organisation and our specialised staff will work with you to identify and provide a solution that exactly fits your needs.

B2B web-sites and integration

B2B sites should also offer an excellent user experience. NEC provides full design and implementation services to create efficient, usable B2B web solutions. We can also provide integration between your organisation’s ERP systems and your suppliers, distributors and customers to facilitate fully integrated supply chain processes.

Custom Line of Business applications

Line of business (LOB) applications are software systems utilised on a regular basis that service a particular business function or business area. NEC sees a LOB application as more than just a software project to solve a specific issue. We believe in building usable, extensible and adaptable solutions that engage users, integrate with other systems and provide excellent reporting and business intelligence data.

NEC can develop applications to provide efficient access to your data and systems using the power of the desktop or the flexibility of the browser. We also specialise in mobile development – providing access to your systems from anywhere, including Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows PCs, phones and tablets.

Business to Consumer (B2C) solutions

A B2C solution is a software system which is used to sell products or services to end-user consumers. The two most popular types of B2C systems are customer focused websites and mobile applications.

NEC has expertise in both types of systems. We recognise that a B2C system is only one part of your overall IT systems strategy, so we will deliver the best achievable result. NEC combines skills with user experience design, software development best practices, application integration and knowledge of ERP systems to deliver your organisation with a complete end-to-end B2C solution.

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