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Business Intelligence - Overview

NEC is one of the largest and most experienced Business Intelligence providers in Australia.

Business Intelligence

A Business Intelligence solution for every application

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad collection of applications, technologies and processes to store information for analysis. The objective is to enable your business to use accurate data from all relevant sources that can be relied upon to help you make informed decisions.

NEC Australia offers the full-range of business intelligence services from leading vendors including SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos and Oracle Hyperion.

Our Business Intelligence Practice has a successful track record of designing, implementing, migrating and managing BI solutions. We have a multi-skilled team that understands business processes and enabling technologies.

NEC Australia’s BI consultants will design and develop solutions that provide you with greater insight into your business. They can assist business intelligence strategies specific to meet your objectives. Every BI solution will have its challenges including:

Assessing business requirements

A basic element to begin using BI is to understand your business goals for BI and the type information that is needed. Whether you are implementing BI for the first time or upgrading from an older system, analysing your current processes, data structures, organisational layout and requirements will give you the basis for a successful implementation.

Creating common metrics

A successful BI implementation will only succeed if agreement is reached on data definitions. To build a single, common view of your business, you will need to standardise the way data is described.

Ensuring the quality of data

The legacy of time and older systems often compromises the quality of the data. Analysing the data structures across all these systems and developing a data validation and cleansing strategy to eliminate data duplication is vital for BI.

NEC Australia will work with you to develop a clear vision for what BI will give you. This will include:

  • BI strategy and governance
  • Enterprise data warehousing to develop a structure around disparate data sources.
  • Data quality analysis to develop consistent views of data across your business.
  • BI platform selection suitable to your business requirements.
  • Developing custom dashboards, reporting and analytics
  • BI technology training.

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