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Ultra Short Throw Projector, 3600 lumens: UM361XG - Overview


Get great performance while saving the environment. Advanced Eco features help to substantially lower your operating cost without compromising on quality and flexibility. Less shadow and glare gives the presenter more space to engage with his audience and enhances the experience with interactive white boards.


The UM361XG is particularly suited for classrooms and small to medium sized meeting rooms.



  • No Shadow and Glare thanks to ultra-short throwing distance - for an enhanced interactive whiteboard experience and more space to engage with your audience when presenting.


  • Minimized Cost of Ownership - due to long lamp life and lower power consumption.


  • Innovative new Eco functions - to reduce power consumption.


  • Optional Multi-pen Interactivity - with real gesture support on any kind of surface.


  • Future proof connectivity - due to numerous analog and digital connection terminals including MHL support, network capability as well as optional wireless connectivity.


  • Wall-mount included - for quick and easy installation, compatible with height adjustable systems.

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