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Ultra Short Throw Projector, 3500 lumens: UM352WG - Overview


The UM352WG is the all-in-one solution for classrooms and meeting rooms. Thanks to the integrated whiteboard and DisplayNote function the projector can be part of an entire interactive solution or be used stand-alone without connecting to a PC. The integrated wireless capability allows the connection and display of multiple devices simultaneously. In addition an embedded Miracast receiver additionally allows full mirroring with your Android and Windows 8.1 mobile device without installing any software. Reduced shadow and glare gives the presenter more space to engage with the audience and enhances the experience when using the integrated interactive multi-pen solution or optional multi-touch solution.


The UM352WG is particularly suited for classrooms and small to medium sized meeting rooms.




  • Integrated interactivity - Multi-Pen support and auto-calibration.

  • Get Great Performance - while not compromising on quality and ease of use.

  • Less Shadow and Glare - not standing in the light beam gives you more space to engage with your audience when presenting.

  • Wireless image sharing - thanks to powerful networking capabilities that allow multiple users to connect simultaneously, mirror an Android device with Miracast or simply share content using a web browser.

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