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Professional Projector, 5000 lumens: P502HG - Overview


The NEC P502HG - Delivering brighter ideas through ultimate versatility


With the NEC P502HG, you will enlighten your audience by delivering crisp image quality, even in challenging lighting conditions. The integrated NEC Multipresenter solution (optional USB WLAN adapter required) allows you to interact wirelessly with your audience, regardless if they have an iPad, Android device or a regular laptop.


The highly flexible and compact concept of the P502HG allows for an easy installation in any room setup without compromising on the overall design or image quality. Wide optical zoom, vertical/horizontal lens shift and state-of the-art connectivity options like HDBaseT provide the possibility of simply replacing your current projector, using existing infrastructures e.g. ceiling mounts and making sure that your investment is protected for the future. With a projecting screen size of up to 300”, the P502HG offers great value for

the money combined with superior quality from NEC.




  • Display Full HD content - as it is intended - you can see even small details in images.


  • Large 1.7x optical zoom - for maximum flexibility.


  • High brightness - for best performance in bright ambient light


  • Connect and share - with up to 40 wireless devices with the NEC Image Express Utility (Windows & MAC) as well as Wireless Image Utility (iOS & Android) software.


  • Great connectivity - due to numerous analogue and digital connection terminals incl. HDBaseT, 2 x HDMI with 3D support.

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