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XGA LCD Projector, 2600 ANSI Lumens: M260XG - Overview

Need to know you’re connecting with your audience while helping reduce impact on the environment? The NEC M260XG is the portable projector that does both.

m260xg hero

Adaptable and eco-friendly

Developed to perform impressively in education and small-to-medium-sized business environments, the NEC M260XG offers eco-friendly features and great value for money. Plus, you benefit from remarkably bright, high-contrast images and the flexibility of HDMI and USB inputs, as well as wired and wireless (optional) networking. This portable projector also gives you up to 6000 hours of lamp life when you use it in ECO Mode™.

Environmental benefits

The NEC M260XG includes a carbon savings meter, and offers extended lamp and filter life, as well as the energy-saving benefits of quick start-up and direct power-off. So helping protect the environment also brings convenience: you can start up in seconds, connect with your audience, then shut down with ease.

NEC M260XG at a glance

  • HDMI input, connecting you to high-definition sources
  • USB Viewer, letting you present without a PC using a USB flash drive
  • variable audio-out, allowing the remote control to adjust the volume of self-powered external speakers connected to the projector
  • ECO Mode™ technology, helping extend lamp life and lowering power consumption
  • integrated active lens cover that mutes audio and video while lowering the lamp power to 25% to conserve energy
  • integrated RJ-45 and/or wireless LAN (optional), connecting quickly to the LAN for control or image transmission
  • dual computer inputs for quick switching between presentations
  • virtually maintenance-free design, including improved 6000-hour filter life

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