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Digital Cinema Projector: NC1100L - Overview


The NC1100L, the world’s first compact Digital Cinema projector using Laser Light Source, is the ideal Digital Cinema solution for smaller screens or small projection booths at the highest quality and affordable price. The 2K DCI-compliant cinema quality means an outstanding image that is bright enough to display on screens up to 11m* in DCI colour (*assuming 1.8:1 gain screen).


  • Highly flexible - as no exhaust system is required, making the NC1100L suitable for floor and ceiling installation and versatile content playback.
  • Enjoy next to zero maintenance experience - no lamp replacement cost, no maintenance labour, no lamp stock due to the innovative Laser Light engine.
  • Compact and Lightweight - easy to install in small projection booths and easy to transport for mobile cinema.
  • Enjoy Lower TCO - highest reliability, maintenance free operation, low power consumption and up to 20000 hours life time of the Laser light source results in much lower total cost of ownership.
  • Steady and reliable operation without any risk of black screen - much more brightness stability during the life time of the light source.
  • A host of integrated features - including built-in 2TB screen server, 2 x 3G SDI Interfaces, HDMI interface for alternative content, advanced network and built-in GPIO functions.
  • Special Characteristics - Additional security; Built-in IMS; Full HFR 3D support; Integrated SMS; Integrated storage server: 2 TB net capacity; Laser Light System; Latest digital technology; Maintenance free; Reduced costs; Stunning and varied content; Unsurpassed quality

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