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Digital Cinema Projector: NC2000C - Overview

  • Overview

Does your projector need to captivate viewers while keeping things simple for you? The NEC NC2000C stays sharp on large screens, and is easy to use and look after.

nc200c hero

High performance, low maintenance

If you need to impress audiences in auditoriums with screens up to 65 feet wide, you can be sure of crisp, bright images with the NEC NC2000C DLP digital cinema projector. Precise 2K (2048 x 1080) resolution, 3D capabilities and high contrast images (2200:1) are just some of this model’s features – and you’ll find it easy to operate and maintain.

NEC NC2000C at a glance

  • 3D projection with full 2K resolution using triple flash technology for smooth motion
  • memory functions for lens position and lamp output
  • lamp changes from the back of the projector
  • direct selection buttons for eight stored projector configurations
  • optional touch-screen control
  • auto lamp brightness control
  • suitable for standard film projector lamps (lamp adapter required)

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