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Digital Cinema Projector: NC3240S-A - Technologies Used

3D Ready

  • When combined with active shutter glasses (NP01GL), this projector uses DLP Link™ technology, developed by Texas Instruments, to create 3D images.

4K Resolution

  • Provides the ultimate in screen clarity.

7kW and 4kW Power Supply Options

  • Your choice of lamp power supply units is available to accommodate medium- or large-sized screens.

Auto Lamp Brightness Contol

  • Maintains constant brightness of the lamp by adjusting the lamp power as the lamp ages.

Custom DMD shielding

  • Protects the projector from dust/oil contaminates and provides optimal picture quality.

Fully Compliant with DCI Requirements

  • Designed with the exhibitor in mind, this digital cinema projector is fully upgradable to 4K technology when available, making the transition a seamless and cost-effective solution.

Newly Designed Cooling System

  • The first of its kind in the industry, this creates positive air pressure internally to prevent contaminates such as oil and dust from entering the main chassis. Lamp cooling air flow is separate from the optics and electronics in the main chassis.

One-Touch Operation and Memory Functions

  • Direct-select buttons for eight stored projector configurations simplify the display of different aspect ratios through pre-set lens shift position, zoom and focus, and lamp power settings.

Optional 2K/4K Media Block

  • Internal design for content management, screen management and higher security.

Trouble-Free Lamp Replacement

  • Maintenance personnel can replace lamps simply from the back of the projector even in a cramped space.