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UNIVERGE IP DECT i755 Handset: i755 - Overview

The robust, go-anywhere phone that’s built to last and is easy to use.

i755 hero

User-friendly wireless communications on the go

The UNIVERGE IP DECT i755 handset is designed for demanding environments, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and warehousing. It meets all your voice and messaging needs in a professional and industrial environment.

The handset offers mobility, flexibility and accessibility, without compromising on comfort and ease of use. Users have additional protection with the man-down function and SOS alarm key.

UNIVERGE IP DECT i755 at a glance

  • robust design for demanding environments
  • text messaging and alarming information, from applications such as alarming systems and nurse call systems
  • personal security for the user, with the dedicated SOS-alarm key and man-down function (detection of non-vertical position)
  • dust and drip waterproof.

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