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Accreditation Process

Ensuring compatible high-quality products and services

All partner products require testing and approval to become Certified Products.

The UNIVERGE Partner Program provides two levels of accreditation:

  • UNIVERGE Partner, and
  • UNIVERGE Supplier.

Internal engineering testing

This is our most rigorous testing method. At NEC’s laboratories, NEC and partner engineers test complex, core products, and products that interface directly with NEC PBXs.

Currently installed solution

If you have previously sold your solutions through NEC without certification, you can apply to demonstrate current functional installation through site references.

Field trials

If physical pre-roll out testing is impractical, because the product is in a beta stage of development or where the product itself is undergoing general trials, a field trial may be used.

External testing by authorised approval house

We refer most non-core products for external testing by an NEC approved testing partner. Testing can take place prior to registering for partnership, or following registration. If you test before applying to the UNIVERGE Partner Program, it does not guarantee company partnership.

The degree of your product’s integration and complexity will determine the most applicable testing stream. A charge applies for testing and product approval, and this will be discussed with the potential partner prior to testing.

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